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I was born in Kiev. A civil engineer by trade, I worked for various developers and engineering firms in both the Ukraine and in Canada, where I've been living since the early 1980s. All through my life I was deeply involved with theatre. I acted in amateur plays, films, recitals and shot films myself. However, somewhere deep in my heart there was a hidden desire to try painting.

Once upon a time I watched a TV show, where an artist was demonstrating some painting techniques and at same time was selling oil paints, brushes etc. I phoned at the given number and ordered the whole package. Following the instructions I made the first strokes with a trembling hand and that was how for the first time in my life I painted a picture. After painting a few landscapes, I grew ambitious and attempted a portrait of my daughter from her photograph. "It is not exactly what a real painter is supposed to do", my friends kept saying, "one should paint from life!" So I installed a mirror on the table and made my first self-portrait.

At this time my works include landscapes and a few samples of genre painting which I submit to your judgement.

These following two pictures was painted by me when I was only 10 years old.

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